Review Excerpts:
Samael's Ceremony of Opposites

(Review excerpt from Cyber-Psychos AOD #6.)

Ceremony of Opposites (Century Media Records)
The minute I put this CD on I knew I was doomed. Blood poured from the speakers, laser pentagrams bolted everyhwere, and I felt the inhuman stench grip my very...Naw, just kidding! This is Samael's 4th and they've added a keyboardist to their metaldeathsatanasonic whing-ding! But don't cringe cuz for a change it does add an eerie symphonic atmosphere to ditties like Baphomets Throne and Mask of the Red Death. I subjected my trusty lab rat Squeeky Fromm to Ceremony of Opposites and she abrubtly hid in the corner for she knew she was doomed, she felt an inhuman... -jim bob cook

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