Review Excerpts:
Charnel's Arrythmia II

(Review excerpt from Cyber-Psychos AOD #6.)

Arrythmia II (Charnel Music: Po Box 170277 San Fran, CA 94117-0277)
Buy it. Ok, now that I've gotten that out of the way, this is an incredible compilation of percussive music. Some of the regular standbys are here; such as Crash Worship ADRV, Life Garden, Left Hand Right Hand, & Illusion of Safety. Putting that aside, though, there wasn't a single miss among these 16 bands/tracks. To list but a few of the select pieces, Hearn Gadbois opens with Qlarbi Baba... a combination of bass drums, mbira & bells. Summons by Trance caught my attention for being the darkest piece of the CD; a mixed back & effected rhythm track, covered by drums & non-lyrical vocals. 24 Hours by John Loose effectively combines the didjeridu with metered high drive percussion. Bill Quinn represents the garbage bin aspect of percussion through his use of a gas can, pot lids, hub caps, brake drums, a bowl of water, non-lyrical vocals, etc. in Kun-Kun-Ban-Dan. Voice of Eye's Ascension of Joelene is an atmospheric piece consisting of vocally-triggered electronic washes. &... I might as well write a full essay at this rate, too bad space is limited. Music for the ears, mind, & spirit. We've been playing this for everyone for a year now, & not a single person hasn't loved it. A must. -Jasmine Sailing

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