Review Excerpts:
Sequentia's Ancient Music for a Modern Age

(Review excerpt from Cyber-Psychos AOD #6.)

Ancient Music for a Modern Age (BMG Classics)
What's that? You say you never make it over to the classical section of your record store or mail order catalogue? Then shame on you -- you're missing out on wonderful treasures like this. Sequentia is a primarily vocal ensemble devoted to medieval music, and everything here dates from the 11th to the 14th centuries. In a weird way, this is the album we've always hoped Clannad would make. These 11 choral chants, songs, and antiphons ring with the echoes of the dark, mysterious, abbeys, and the 2 instrumentals would've sounded right at home at the feast following King Arthur's wedding. Such Middle Ages music was invariably liturgical in nature, as the translation of the Latin text demonstrates, but these melodies and harmonies are so gloriously beautiful, you'll be swept away even if you're a diehard devotee of Jean-Paul Sartre. -Brian Hodge

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