Issue #6 Oimelc/Feb 1995
"For Mature Readers"

FEATURING: Brian Hodge & Sleep Chamber

Severed Heads · Uncle River · Adam Parfrey · Hakim Bey · Mark McLaughlin · Gary Lynn Morton · t. Winter-Damon · Michael Hemmingson · KK Ormond · David Kramer · Lorin Emery · Edward J McFadden · Wayne Allen Sallee · Tom Hamill · Bruce Boston · Don Webb · Mark Amerika · R. Nicholas Taylor · Paul W. Campbell, Jr. · Guy Adams · Artist & Self-Publishing Band Profiles · The Incredible 2-Headed TV Casualty · Cyber-Tech · S. Darnbrook Colson's View on Horror and Himself · Personal Realities · Comics · Multi-Media Reviews

Issue #6 Contents:

Stats: 92pp, 8.5" x 11", saddle-stitched, 3 colour cover, b/w interior.

Date: Oimelc, 1995

Title: The Special "Schizophrenia/Alternate Realities" Issue.

Feature: Brian Hodge

Cover Illustration: Gordon Klock

Editorial: Tolerance & belief systems.

Interviews with: Brian Hodge, Sleep Chamber, Severed Heads, Hakim Bey, Uncle River, Adam Parfrey/Feral House, & Mark Amerika.

Fiction by: Brian Hodge, Michael Hemmingson, K. K. Ormond, Gary Lynn Morton, David F. Kramer, Lorin Emery, & Edward J. McFadden.

Short-short prose & poetry by: Bruce Boston, Don Webb, Wayne Allen Sallee, Mark McLaughlin, & Tom Hamill.

Articles: Death & The Psychedelic Experience: STP; Uncle River's Dance of Shiva; The Bad Boy's View of the World and Himself: What's in the News?; Cyber-Cents: sonic explosives; and the Incredible Two-Headed TV Casualty's movie review column.

Commentary/Non-Fiction by: Brian Hodge, Don Webb, R. Nicholas Taylor, Frank Borsch, t. Winter-Damon, Amey Mazurek, S. Darnbrook Colson, Joe Simon, Arkoff Kapacitor, Paul Schiola, Jim Bob Cook, Len Bracken, Michael Hemmingson, John Everson, Trevor Rigler, J. K., D. Figgy, Jazz, Chris Yardley, Bruce Young, & Jasmine Sailing.

Artist Profile: Alex Seminara

Illustrators: Gordon Klock, Will Anders, Voodoo, Wendy Piper, Jim Bob Cook, Paul Schiola, N. Tro. P., & Brian Cooper.

Comics: Biology 120, Schism, & Nymph.

Self-Publishing Band Profiles: Child, Cotterpin, & Hernia Retraction Accordion.

Personal Reality Essays: New feature! Tolerance & Personal Power by Don Webb; Musical Realities & LSD-25 by Paul W. Campbell; An Essay on the Fabric of Reality by Guy Adams; & Save the Planet, Kill Yourself by Chris Korda.

Additional: 100s and 100s (adjust those eye glasses) of reviews of music, magazines, books, comics, & film, with the usual preferential leaning toward the independents and small press. Includes t. Winter-Damon's essay review of Bruce Boston's infamously adored Stained Glass Rain.

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