Issue #3 Contents:

Stats: 48pp, 8.5" x 11", saddle-stitched, 2 colour cover, b/w interior, OOP.

Date: Oimelc, 1993

Bonus: Pain trading cards

Cover Illustration: Gordon Klock

Editorial: Ban Amendment 2, not Denver.

Interviews with: Crash Worship, Pigface, Thomas Steenland of Starkland Records, film-maker Nick Zedd, & novelist Edward Lee on Sex & Psychosis.

Fiction by: S. Darnbrook Colson, Gregory R. Hyde, & C.S. Fuqua.

Short-short prose by: J.K.

Articles: Cyber-Cents: the information war; and the Incredible Two-Headed TV Casualty's movie review column.

Commentary/Non-Fiction by: Edward Lee, John E. Graves III, Paul Schiola, Jim Bob Cook, Michael Moynihan, Bruce Young, Jasmine Sailing, & Christie Sohnholz.

Artist Profile: Will Anders

Illustrators: Gordon Klock, Voodoo, Brian Cooper, & N. Tro. P.

Comics: Schism, Nymph.

Self-Publishing Band Profiles: Massive Deceleration Trauma, Pinch, The Reejers.

Additional: Reviews of music, magazines, books, & comics, with the usual preferential leaning toward the independents and small press.

Ordering: #3 is out of print. I may eventually auction the last few copies, stay tuned via CPAOD-news for future info.

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