Issue #2 Contents:

Stats: 40pp, 8.5" x 11", saddle-stitched, 2 colour cover, b/w interior.

Date: Samhain, 1992

Title: The Special Theological Issue

Bonus: The Leather Pope mini comic

Cover Illustration: Brian Cooper

Editorial: Bob Larson

Interviews with: Godflesh, The Electric Hellfire Club, Rhys Fulber (Will & Front Line Assembly), Pamela Z, & The Cutthroat Empire.

Fiction by: D.F. Lewis, S. Darnbrook Colson, & Gregory R. Hyde.

Poetry by: Richard Gess

Articles: Cyber-Cents: physiological audio effects; Crash Worship (live); and the first installment of the Incredible Two-Headed TV Casualty's movie review column.

Commentary/Non-Fiction by: Paul Schiola, Jim Bob Cook, Michael Moynihan, Bruce Young, Jasmine Sailing, & Christie Sohnholz.

Artist Profile: Voodoo

Illustrators: Gordon Klock, Kay Cochran, N. Tro. P., Brian Cooper, & Alan Smith.

Comics: Schism, Nymph.

Additional: Reviews of music, magazines, books, comics, & film, with a preferential leaning toward the independents and small press.

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