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It has been said that The Blasted One's absinthe breath alone is strong enough to create Universal Rifts, and that her thoughts can steer history. Which is good, when The Blasted One is not being crabby or pessimistic or any other such state of mind that she seems to be in about 95% of the time. A person who plays with fire, who eagerly awaits the moment of union with flesh-flaying Cnidarian tentacles, bending reality as it might have once tried to be.

Fortunately for the Universe she sometimes awaits word from Bud before thinking her thoughts. Or at least before thinking TOO many of them in a non-recoverable fashion.

Speculations and theories and general babble have abounded for how various Mormons including the evil anti-JS and the evil Anti-BYoung managed to become enemies to a person who would live in a later time period. Universal Rifting may know no time bounds, it may know only the guidance of one Mothman who is particularly in tune with Cnidaria and attempts to lead the instigators of Jellyfish Harmony down the proper paths. The Space Jellies approve of human chaos, though, or they never would have deprogrammed the Street Sailing brain into a capacity for these Rifting Tendencies.

Failing awaiting the word of Bud, it can typically only lead to Righteous Human Downfalls anyway.

Take, for instance, the War to Purge Mormons that happened so long before her Deprogramming. She was not yet around, not even a thought, barring perhaps in the minds of the Space Jellies, and the enemies she later wanted purged were forced into Utah. And so it goes. And so it will go until the Mormons go.

Occasionally it has been known to happen that The Blasted One will sabotage herself with her own Universal Rifting. For example the recent example of one useful individual capturing her opportunistic eye, and being followed by another individual who captured her other opportunistic eye and struck her as a good replacement should candidate 1 fail to be as useful or there as should be decreed. Both individuals would have had their uses in the Cnidarian task forces, yet the thought of one replacing another created a Rift that made it impossible for both to co-exist. They began to take turns existing, and as this transpired for a half a year and more it became increasingly frustrating.

This may seem like a matter of being in error. Yet the Ways of the Jellyfish are often mysterious and it was determined that it was a matter of allowing another stronger (than those caught in the Rift, not Cnidaria) ally to come into contact with Radiate Disciples. This is the Entropik Flow of the Universe, and Rifting Tendencies must always be in touch with the Flow.

But then why does the Entropik Flow allow the existence of pristine virgins who can not be succumbed into Depravity, ever the Wallflowers to the Ways of the Wackos? This, only the Space Jellies can answer. And only if they really want to. But it is a well-known Secret, and therefore not a Secret, that Virgin Brides absorb our sins into their dismembered beards.

Always take these words to heart when contemplating these scenarios.

Just as we should always take it to heart that sometimes those who play with fire, and who wish for Fiery Flayings, may understand that truly sometimes the best path toward the goal is not the most pleasant and convenient one. There will ever be times when walking through Virgins and Debacles will yield the finest results.

Perhaps apparently screwing up is merely what is meant to be in establishing the Universal Rifts that will lead to what is to come. Even if the ball and shackle go on, and the Virgin is left unmolested, yes, maybe that is what will ultimately lead to a removal of balls and ample molestation. Perhaps even ample molestation followed by removal of balls could have its merits in the long run. Bud may be able to answer these questions, but the future definitely will.

As it were and is, Rifting will occur out of thought and chaos and it will always have its subliminal reasons along with its blissful or subcutaneously piercing but ever-productive results.

St. Sailing, Operative J
The Blasted One/Highest Radiate Initiate
Our Blasted Lady of the Jellyfish

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