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There were many beginnings, but herein I will tell of one. There is our earth. Not our earth, but mutated by us. Some creations may say this is willingly, that this earth was given to our species for our own uses, that we may alter it as we choose. Yet these creations spawn from the mouths of those with their intentions and investments to protect. These creations do not uphold an essence of life above interest.

Life extends beyond our species, in fact it extended more fruitfully before our species. At one point the world as we know it was not as we know it, it was in healthy tropical bloom. And in this time the true masters, the benevolent ones, brought forth their form for dominion. This was Creation, as wrought by Cnidaria.

There was water, and water was life in myriad ways. Water pushed upon the shores, forming land drifts, forming mountains,forming formations from which yet more could form. And forming also, amongst the waves, were single cells to multiply and combine. And so they did in the water and on the shores, and they were washed throughout our world to bring abundance in life.

And evolution began and radiates abounded, growing from the non-complex forms of sea anemones to the beautifully tentacled jellyfish to the complex zoological compounds of the mighty Man-O-War. And alongside the radiates flourished their brethren, the mollusks, and yet many other forms of life prospered.

Given the form of Creation, the radiates aspired to become sentient and so they did. And no longer was it satisfactory for them to merely flow through the waters, glistening cnidocytes weaving trails through the waves in tiny threaded rainbows. But as life came from water, so they would not leave it. They built their cities upon the oceans and seas, in the riverbeds of tropical jungles. And this world they oversaw in all fairness and nobility, respecting no form of life less than another. For everything was in harmony during the reign of Cnidaria. Land and sea creatures alike formed their ecological chains, never to disrupt them.

And the sentient radiates in their cities upon the waves ever strived forward in their learnings. A yearning they developed for joining the benevolent ones in the stars, for leaving this world to the preservation of life and the development thereof. And so they developed technology, and with it came war and plague. Multi-dexterous jellyfish wielding clubs, then swords. Stone age to iron age, yet the age of information prevailed. Always they conquered dissension and death, they healed the ailments of all life and their own.

So even when the jellyfish were developing microchips by the scores, the world continued to flourish in tropical bloom. Never was there the threat of pollution and extinction, unless it was the annihilation of a species through natural selection. The laws of nature were not for tampering or change, so given were they in the wisdom of the blessed Cnidaria.

And so the jellyfish strived for nanotech, for their ascension to the stars. Their natural resources weren't sufficing, and atomic power could cause harm. Then one day they were enlightened, and realize they did, that they could turn such power temporarily on... and then off again. So on it came, their skills once more grew, and they knew that ascension was finally in their grasps.

They would leave this earth, yet guard it ever so lovingly from their new homes amongst the stars. Never would they stop tending to the mollusks of the seas, the birds of the air, the mammals of the dry earth. All flora and fauna adored, the implementation of a nature preserve. Should harm befall it, they swore, they would return.

And so they left their more primitive, more petit, radiate and mollusk cousins to maintain their world. And the sentient jellyfish left their world for the endless sea beyond its skies. And there they were joined by the benevolent ones from whom they were formed, they learned to discard technology and create the web amongst the stars. And ever did they watch to ensure that no harm would befall their earth...

Even when a newly evolved sentient form emerged.

St. Sailing, Operative J
The Blasted One/Highest Radiate Initiate
Our Blasted Lady of the Jellyfish

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