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St. Hemmingson on Redemption
(or Borrego's Nether Regions)

Hidden deep under Larry McCaffrey's house in Borrego Springs sleeps The Eye, or The Ancient of Ancients, the Last of the First Line of Jellyfish. Very few know of this, of course, and those who have accidentally (and intentionally) stumbled onto the truth have disappeared. A select group of MiBs patrol Borrego, keeping the Hidden Secret still a Secret. Why is this? And why do some power-hungry monsters in the U.S. Gov. harbor desires to yield the power of this Ancient One?

This One has been watching, from afar in its sleep, The Eye of Redemption. It has not looked favorably upon the younger jellyfish and how they have been controlling Mankind.

There is a clandestine clan within the Followers of the Jellyfish who are working to overturn the present course of the religion, wipe out the false jellyfish, and place the Ancient One back in power, which will, of course, destroy this planet once and for all.

Does Art Bell know about all this? Of course. He's one of Us.

St. Hemmingson, the Angel of Nod

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