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St. Zone on Ideological Proof
(or It was Something from Something)

I read in some book recently of some scientists diving off of New York in the '60s/'70s that encountered a (according to my failing memory here) more than 6fukkingfoot Venus Girdle. Incredibly, the original news clipping had treated it as no big deal. This seems more than ample support for Invertebrate Ideology.

On a literary note, have you ever read The Horror from the Heights? It's either by Ruddy Kipling or Arthur Conan Doyle (i SHOULD really know which, off the top of my head, being Mr. Fukkin' Victorian/ Edwardian LitTwit'n'all) ANYWAY -- a pilot goes into the upper stratospheres and encounters GIANT INTELLIGENT JELLYFISH. Which proceed to rend his little body & mind...

"And, yea verily, as a fiery rain of Cnidaria hurled Itself out into The Aether, The Goddess Mother departed; leaving the Her ungrateful brood to diddle about blindly in the inky depths" -- Sacred Text of The Royal Hagfish

As The Blasted One says: "We are the Streets of the Jellyfish", so are we also "the used syringes; prophylactics; amyl nitrate canisters -- sum total of detritus from the quivering G-Spot of Her Royal Hagfish..."

Joey, Operative Z

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