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St. Sailing on Mormons
(or Should You Realize You Know a Heathenous Saint...)

It is with the feeling of blasphemy hanging over my head in an icky black cloud that I must warn you of those who deem themselves Saints. Imagine a silly, piddly, HUMAN being worthy of Sainthood! Being deluded enough to consider themselves worthy of such grandeur! What utter filth and tripe.

We are scum. We are the poison and contamination of this planet we live on. We are extinction, pestilence, insanity. We deserve nothing, especially not Sainthood. Only through our self-sacrifice and willingness to serve as the Streets of the Jellyfish might we redeem ourselves in the eyes of the Universe.

But, sadly, there are people (vermin, scum) in this world who disregard the Jellyfish -- yet regard themselves as Saints. They follow delusions and false prophets. They possess no inkling of reality. They are The Demented Ones. And they are wholeheartedly embraced by society.

How many cults manage to broadcast their propaganda on network TV, with nary a stench raised as a consequence of it? And I don't mean when John Travolta starts spouting off about his beloved Scientologists. I mean when "religion" is simply acceptable, and can be presented for mass public consumption with no greasy celebrities attached. With no splendor or sensationalism or gloss or awe. Just simple boring ol' religion.

How many times have you been watching your TV and seen a message along the lines of "This has been brought to you by the Church of Latter Day Saints..."? How many times have you opened a drawer in a hotel room and pulled out a deviant Book of Mormon? And what have you thought at these times? Have you shrugged and dismissed it? Have you perhaps stolen the heretical book for shits and grins, and then promptly forgotten about it? What HAVE you done?!

Has it even occurred to you for one moment to look into the obscene and bizarre rituals of the Mormon cult and then maybe, just possibly, pause to wonder exactly how it is that they manage to get away with such things on a large public scale... reputations intact? Have you ever even been to Salt Lake City?

This is a warning: the poisons of the Mormons are everywhere! Loathe them! Disperse them! Slap them till they wake up! Deprive them of Buddy! Sentence them to lectures by MothMen! And, most importantly, NEVER TRUST A MORMON!

If you are awaiting an important meeting and the person you are awaiting never arrives, you can safely assume that a Mormon detained them. If your friends turned against you, it is obvious that a Mormon probably brain-washed and contaminated them. If someone beat up your kid on the way to school and stole their lunch money, it was most likely at least the kid of a Mormon. If Mormons let you cut into line in a McDonald's restroom, it's probably because they know you're onto them and want to flush your head down the toilet like it's some of the filth they are reflecting.

But what would the Mormons have to say about all of this? And who would believe a single li... word a member of that cult might have to say? What have I actually said here? What does any of it seriously mean? Perhaps nothing... YOU must decide.

Operative J, The Blasted One

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