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St. Sailing on Martyrs
(or They Died for the Sins of Our Addictions)

I have realised with, I assure you, the utmost horror that I have not said a word about Jellyfish dying en masse in valiant and oft-successful attempts to shut down our power plants. I tweeted about it, and it came up on the CP mailing list and in irc via various Cnidarians, but, alas, it has never been mentioned on the website.

So I am FINALLY here to tell you all that those fine, brave, Jellyfish died for our sins!

Weíre all sitting here locked in our energy addictions that are destroying everything natural in this Cnidarian Preserve. Weíre so locked into our addiction that, instead of finding ways to cure ourselves of it, we find ways to have slightly less to bitch about and feel guilty about while we carry on with our addiction. I, as mere human scum, am no different. Iím sitting here, writing via my energy-consumptive computer, with one light on in the house during the day because itís kind of dark and cloudy, and I donít want to think about how many browser tabs I have open.

We all suck! Every last one of us... who isnít off the juice and living harmoniously with nature in some rare patch of land that miraculously hasnít yet become disgusting from contamination by the stench of human existence.

No matter how obvious it is that weíre flaming cowards who canít face our energy addiction head-on, we MUST remember those thousands or millions of Jellyfish who sacrificed themselves in their desperation to chill OUR hideous wastage the hell out to even ANY small extent!

Merely confessing that you leave the TV on all day, or have 3 game systems running simultaneously, or always have lights on, or didnít use a reusable bag, or havenít upgraded to LED, or forgot to buy the Energy Star microwave, or forgot to do your green calculation of the carbon cost of not buying that thing locally, or feel bad about killing birds by using wind power instead of pollute-everything-and-destroy-mountains coal power, is not enough. As we commit our sins we must ALWAYS REMEMBER that weíve slaughtered a bunch of Jellyfish in doing so. And caused who knows how many extinctions while we were at it.

Sometimes, admitting to our complicity in mass slaughter can be an extremely important component of our perspectives. And sometimes, people really just couldnít care less about mass slaughter.

NOTE: if any would-be immortal Jellyfish died in power plant shut-downs, itís safe to say that we all make me SICK. No... wait... weíve all already made me sick for a long time.

But letís give this a lot of constant serious thought anyway! Do it for the Jellyfish!

ďWe are the Streets of the JellyfishĒ
Operative J, Chagrined Hypocrite

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