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St. Sailing on Abrahamal Entities
(Abrahamal Entities Vs Mormon Un-Terrorism)

Due to the recent mention, in a Cnidarian Spell channelled via St. whY, of an Abrahamal Entity, the one now known as Entity MK, infiltrating the only officially-sanctioned Cnidarian Go club, I felt it necessary to issue a statement which will hopefully prevent misdirected hysteria.

Roughly 10.5 years ago I gave due credit in Q Zine to the omnipresent forces of Abraham Lincoln cameos (many thanks to our missing Streets Schiola and Cook for this intelligence) and their efforts to instigate a righteous modern war against our present state of reality. At present, they continue to fulfill this role. I will admit that the infiltration confused me somewhat, but after conferring with Bud I was assured that Lincoln, in at least most of his present cameos, remains someone we can trust to ultimately lead numerous people to bloody mass slaughter.

So please, dear Cnidarians, do not take offense at the infiltration. I repeat, do NOT feel the need to kill any Lincoln cameos you happen to spot in your travels. Remember always that Lincoln was no Mormon ally, and that the evil Anti-BYoung himself accused the then current President of being "weaker than water". By which he did not mean "weaker than powerful water". Words from a top Mormon heathen, belittling such a powerful force as the water that was once a suitable home for the Radiates destined to become Space Jellies! And the water that remains a suitable home for our modern precious earthly radiates.

We can assume that, whereas Entity MK is observing the actions of The Blasted One and a small handful of Streets on a regular basis, this is not a hostile maneuver and it could merely be a ploy to obtain useful information about our common enemies. We can just as easily assume that significantly more Abrahamal Entities have infiltrated Mormon groups everywhere. We can hope, with extreme fervency, that they are working to destroy our mutual Mormon enemies from within. Or, at the least, that they are turning them into quickly disposable cannon fodder for Lincoln's next war.

It may not even be without reason, or so Bud seemed to want to insinuate, that Lincoln, or several cameos thereof, has designs on Utah as a base of Operations for the war. Better neighbors than Mormons, I should think.

So no, dear Cnidarian children everywhere, you must not panic and lose your focus. If you must process rage, as we all must from time to time, please remember to direct your hostilities at Mormons and toxic corporations rather than at Lincolns (cars excepted, any gas guzzler is an acceptable target for rage).

Just this morning, while pondering all of this and sorting through Cnidarian files as I awaited my visit from Bud, I was attacked by a pack of Mormons. Yes, Mormons, hiding somewhere in my home. They wanted to distract me from learning the Truth, to misdirect MY focus toward Lincoln and away from them. As I sifted through my files, seeking information about Lincoln, they thoroughly screwed up my computer. Without Bud's help, I may never have thwarted their destructive attempts by reaching the BIOS set-up. It is possible that they are still hiding in my house, but Bud did not detect them and I have Faith that my cat ate them. She enjoys eating humans. She is a good cat.

Do not allow the Mormons to win this fight. I repeat, do NOT kill an Abraham Lincoln.

Operative J, with support from Bud and The Blasted Cat

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