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St. whY on Multiple Personalities
(or The Call of Righteousness)

Did you ever wonder if you had multiple personalities? Do you experience lost time? Perhaps you have weird impressions of places you can't consciously remember being? Or unusual visions of trailing tentacles coming off things as they move? Then the trails cut through some nasty trailer-trash bitch's head and flay the flesh from her still-falling body in a rainbow swirl of what could only be perceived as divine righteousness?

Well, I diverge a bit. Or rather, that is just a preview of things to come. But yet again I diverge. The point is this: are you really an agent of Cnidaria and don't know it? Many of us have found ourselves through the great Triangle, the Pyramids, the Circles of Stones (er, rather, the Circles of Stoned) or sexual relations with extra- (and intra-) terrestrial beings. But, one day I suddenly became aware that I had a non-Cnidarian self. It was a horrifying shock. This repugnant creature flatulated endlessly through voice-reproduction devices, consumed chemicals not fit to exist let alone be consumed, consorted with all manner of vile, nasty, and evil, pseudo-intelligent beings, and even went so far as to fail to recognize the true beauty of the Radiate Ones who came before. Failed to respect their preserve, trustingly and lovingly left to the care of its inhabitants as the great Jellyfish Ascended to the stars and beyond.

But again I diverge. It's like, sort of, radiating from me. Anyway, dammit, if I had a hidden non-Cnidarian personality (praise be that I found this evil and bonked it on the head with a hard plastic Barney doll 357 times, before ejecting the doll safely into the cleansing fires of the sun) then maybe YOU, you evil, noxious, toxic, wasteful, filthy, ugly, stinky (oh, wait, some of our people like to be called some of those -- only apply those which you find properly insulting) monkey, could have a hidden Cnidarian personality! Think about it: You could Cease To Suck! Yes, you could become Worthwhile! Just learn to Actualize that Cnidarian personality (and where to buy plastic Barney dolls and how to safely eject them into the sun) and put your floundering, infantile, old self out to the leech-field where it belongs. Redeem your sorry self, and just maybe you can attain Mercy during the Fiery Rain of Cnidocytes. Oh, and send me your money. I'm hungry.

Operative C

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