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St. James on Praising Cnidocytes
(or To Heed or Not to Heed)

Twas many years ago, on the road to Damascus (Damascus, Arkansas, that is) that I beheld my first vision of the Jellyfish. Those were the days of youth, & my ignorance of the true nature of the Cnidarians, my misunderstanding of their visages that appeared before me, my unwillingness to accept them as reality robbed me of many years of the blissful knowledge that I now share. Only after meeting others who'd had the same premonitions, the same dreams, & the same visions did I receive enlightenment. Twas from the other Streets that I finally received my sight. And now it is my mission (& I have chosen to accept it, Mr. Phelps) to open your eyes as mine own were opened for me.

You too, dear reader, have beheld these images & received these messages, for they bombard all of the earth at all hours of the day & night. Most of you have subconsciously chosen to ignore them for they confuse & frighten you. Yea, friends, they are with you at this very moment, tho your fear & ignorance blocks them from your mind. & This hurts them, my sucklings. This hurts the Cnidarians for they wish you to know of their Fiery Rain.

Open your eyes, children. Open your minds & your hearts to the message of the Jellies. For theirs is an ode to the beauty of this planet... & a warning to those of us who abuse & destroy it. Visions of Jellyfish float in your Guinness & your Mountain Valley sparkling spring water. They ooze from your showerheads. They hang suspended in your orange jello (honor them -- include them in your list of favorite bites, along with seedless grapes & cherry halves). Yea, my pretties, watch as they ride the waves in the sea of air that surrounds you, for they are there also. You breathe them into your lungs & absorb them thru your pores each & every second.

Friends, you must take the Jellyfish into your hearts. You must accept their message & embrace the impending Fiery Rain of their physical arrival. Read, yea, HEED the words of the Streets. Study their message for it is the word of Cnidaria. Live its intent & glorify the upcoming tentacalian epiphany with psalms & praiseful hymns. Convert... & then convert others. For this Earth belongs to the Jellies. All its inhabitants belong to the Jellies. WE belong to the Jellies, & proof of this fact is hidden only by your self-chosen blindness. Receive sight, my lufflies, & you too shall receive bliss.

Operative S, The Humble One

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