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St. Sailing on Pest Removal
(or Can the Fiery Rain be Avoided?)

The human race is an endangered species.

Long ago, the Blessed Jellyfish set a perfect example for evolution in this world -- their sacred nature preserve. The Gaean Radiates managed to evolve outside of our worldly barriers with only the most minimal usage of contaminant power. It was expected that their example would be followed, and that their nature preserve would be forever safe.

Of course we all know that shit happens, though. The shit, in this instance, was the evolution of humans. You've seen the results of that blunder in nature firsthand. And, my beloved fellow Cnidarians, we all know that the Jellyfish are PISSED!

The entire human race is going to erupt into a frenzied mass of blood shed sooner or later. It won't be too difficult to find a plausible method of extinction. Failing self-destruction, the Fiery Rain of Cnidocytes will bring the final damnation. The Blessed Jellyfish, descending from the heavens, their tentacles thousands of feet in length, will char the masses as they writhe and scream in sheer agony and the current dominant pest of the earth shall be rendered extinct.

Of course SOME humans aren't very comfortable with the thought of letting the Fiery Rain of Cnidocytes descend upon us. The concept of everyone being stung into raw fleshless bits of dead manure discomfits them. They ask why Heavenly Cnidaria would descend in such a painful way upon its sacred nature preserve. The answer is simple: They know that their Fiery Rain would hurt this world a lot less than allowing humans to continue their destructive contaminant existence in it would.

Upon becoming aware, some people also ask what can be done to APPEASE Cnidaria -- that they may forgive our carnage and decide not to inflict their own. There are a few things. First and foremost, stop devastating their nature preserve. Secondmost, disrupt the plots (of the powers that be) to continue destroying this holy realm of the Jellyfish. And, very importantly, you MUST REBEL against any monotheistic heresy which dictates that the creatures and the brethren of the Jellyfish are nothing but slaves and food-beasts to the destructive humans. You MUST DISPEL the foul rumour that everything but these humans’ gods is blasphemous.

And, naturally, you must stand against those who follow the evil and false JS, for if they follow him they will have been led to the wrong side of the veil. Know that these particularly foul heathens deem to call themselves Saints and express their feelings of perfection as justification for their sins against the sacred nature preserve of Cnidaria!

Thank you for being with us today. May you act now and avoid being flayed too badly later.

"We are the Streets of the Jellyfish."

Operative J, The Blasted One


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