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St. Young on Exoterica/Esoterica
(or I'll Tell You What the Truth Is!)

It has come to pass that many brethren (and potential brethers) have become confused about some of the teachings of the church. They claim that the sermons and ministrations they hear are not consistent, cloud the apparent message, or just don't make sense. Well friends, I am here to tell you that such claims are just plain false. What the misguided are confusing here are the exoteric and esoteric lessons of Cnidaria. For those who have not yet fully embraced the tentacles of wisdom, this error is easy to make. With just a little thought and effort, these apparent contradictions can be easily resolved. But to make matters ever clearer, I shall 'spell it out' for those out there who may need a more straightforward explanation.

To the casual observer, our church may look like it preaches a sorrowful, depressing, or even, yes, apocalyptic message about humanity, the world, and their respective fates. They say: "Whadda you mean the world is gonna be trashed by giant Jellyfish from outer space? I don't wanna die! I've been good!" Well friends, I'm here to tell you that no-one has been good enough to be spared the Fiery Rain when that fateful hour arrives. They say: "I don't wanna hear this! I just wanna ski and watch TV!" (Let us praise radiate-initiate in training Fyodor for this observation.) What they don't understand is that our message of Fire from above is not one of absolute destruction (although the toll and lamentation will be great!) but actually one of rebirth and cleansing. After we have been purged from the face of this planet, the Earth will once again become the Garden of Paradise it was always intended to be! Our mortal forms may not be around to witness the rebirth of its natural beauty, but our souls will rejoice with the cleansing.

So friends, when someone comes up to you and asks ignorantly: "Why do you want all of us to die?" just reply cheerfully: "Why, you're already dead and just don't realize it yet!" This will surely put their feet upon the righteous path towards truth. All praise to Cnidaria!! All praise to the Fiery Rain!! All praise to the Truth!!

Operative B, the Barometer of Humanity

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