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St. Sailing on Drugs
(or I Ainít Your Damned Nanny!)

People often ask me stupid questions, like ďAre Cnidarians on drugs?Ē or ďIím a Cnidarian, or an aspiring Cnidarian... is it okay for me to take drugs

Question #1: How the hell am I supposed to know? Many drugs are illegal! Do you honestly think Iím going to choose to know that people are doing illegal things? Marijuana recently became legal in Colorado, where I live. Many Cnidarians in Colorado do indeed use it. Some use it to what we might even call phenomenal extents. But not EVERY Cnidarian in Colorado uses it! Some prefer other drugs. Probably legal ones. On the record.

Question #2: Do you think Iím your babysitter?! If so, how much are you paying me for it?! Do what you want! Educate yourself as well as you can, to hopefully avoid any potential damage or any getting yourself into regrettable situations.

There are drugs that I personally dislike, with any form of speed topping the charts. Odds are you donít want to go out of your way to let me know youíre on that, because I might edge nervously away from you. I might do the same if you turn out to be a chronic alcoholic or, possibly even scarier, a 12-Stepper. But I donít think we have many 12 Step Cnidarians, unless weíre talking about the 12 Steps to Cnidaria.

My reason for my personal speed bias is simple: I wouldnít want someone who is cranked up on or crashing off of meth, and quite possibly feeling more violent than usual, AND quite possibly also hallucinating terrifying spiders swarming all over my head, chopping off my beard with an axe. Itís a safety thing, you know?

It has been said that taking acid can help a person sort out their many confused and tangled thoughts. And itís possible that Cnidaria might potentially be a confusing religion that tangles peoplesí thoughts, or at least trying to figure out how to navigate this website might have that effect.

It has also been said that Jellyfish can be even more beautiful if you watch them pulse slowly, and colourfully, through the water or air with their trailing cnidocytes spiralling around them while you are on acid or shrooms or whatever. The slow, graceful, way their bodies flap and shimmer...

And it has been also said, many times and in many places, that hallucinogenics of all sorts can enhance your abilities for communing with the Jellyfish or being blessed with divine revelations. Whether or not you should put stock in those revelations, I donít know. We all greatly vary in how inspired or gibberishy our trippy mental processes are.

Have fun, be safe, try to become enlightened if you so desire, or donít if you donít so desire, and STOP BUGGING ME ABOUT IT. I really HATE IT when people pester me about things I want but donít have at the moment!

PS: End the stupid drug war. Itís useless, deadly, costly, and a great annoyance to many countries that are sick of dealing with this country demanding all of the drugs while making others pay for it with their lives and security budgets. Prohibition only makes people happy when they stand to make money off of it. Or when theyíre silly enough to believe they can protect anyone by keeping them cluelessly in the dark, until they leap cluelessly into the light and screw up big time because no one ever provided them with handy guidelines for not screwing up.

PPS: RTFF Ė Are you on drugs?!

Operative J, The Blasted One

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