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St. Sailing on Oppressive Censors
(or The Conspiracy to Silence Cnidarians)

Listen up, all, this is important! Like everything we say, but even moreso than some of the other things.

A recent spat of strange occurrences have brought it to our attention that there is a Conspiracy to Silence us! Either they know we’re onto it, and can’t have us disseminating the Truth about the Jellies, or Mormon Feds (they are plentiful) want to shut us up.

Either way, we must fight! We must not let THEM win!

On April 27 we held a Cnidarians Against Drones protest, after discovering the sheer heresy of the US Navy developing Jellyfish surveillance drones. The Powers That Be, co-opting the Jellyfish form to serve their needs! Have you ever heard of anything that appalling?! We should’ve been protesting everywhere en masse over such an atrocity!

We protested here in Denver. And this is what happened to us...

On the Thursday night before the protest, the CPAOD mailing lists ceased working. I noticed this via trying to post a reminder about the event and livestream on the news list, and then via trying to post commentary about the protest and police on the discussion list. The site is fine, the archives are still there, but posts aren’t going through.

During the protest there was an extremely reverential chalkupy (aka chalk art and text, on a sidewalk) that included numerous Jellyfish. You can find photos in the protests section. After the chalking had already ceased, we were informed by police that we would be arrested if anyone chalked again. No respect for Free Speech. No respect for Religion (well, disorganised religion... the only form of religion I endorse).

After the protest ended and we left, we learned that the livestream had not been playing properly on ustream. All systems were go, and people online saw a “live” status. Yet the only thing that appeared online was a strange garbled 27 second video clip.

We did NOT let THEM silence us that easily. We have utilised social media. On the following Wednesday, we were on St. Hemmingson’s The Art of Dreaming radio show talking about the Conspiracy to Silence Cnidarians, and Cnidarians, and a whole lot of random things. The radio show was heard (and tweet summarised by @StJamesCnidaria), though some Cnidarians seemed to have trouble getting the radio to work for them (many failed, some may admittedly have been in Cnidarianly frames of mind). But the archive of the show hasn’t appeared, as of this date (May 8).

Keep fighting the Mormon Feds, or whoever is behind this outrage!

And, this month, as a show of solidarity, wherever you are, grab some sidewalk chalk and scrawl “NOKXL” next to a Jellyfish! Jellyfish are very easy to doodle, even I do it. The Cnidarian World Flag is making the rounds at a rate of one Jellyfish Doodle per Cnidarian.

Speak up, doodle up, light up, fight on!

“We are the Streets of the Jellyfish
Operative J, righteously and piously defiant!

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