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St. Sailing on Deprivation
(or The Law of the No-Buddy)

No true Cnidarian would falsify reality enough to deny possessing an overwhelming sexual attraction to Buddy. To spreading their cheeks for him, or perhaps to spreading his own sweet young cheeks. With the seductive powers of both an incubus and succubus all mottled together by the slimes of the Jellies, his touch is sooo much more Heavenly and Divine than a Sybian and Venus-II combined!

And so it was written that those who commit dire grievance against the Wisdom of Cnidaria shall be deprived of Buddy. Those who commit such heathenous sins will immediately be banned from the pleasures of being Buddy-Fuckers, Packers, Pokers, and even Deep-Throaters!

Yes, this is harsh. But the acts of humans upon this earth of the Jellyfish are harsh as well, and must be dealt with accordingly. Lest you, yes YOU, the one squirming under the dirty clothes pile, thinking you might actually be capable of hiding from the all-seeing nose of The Blasted One, condemn yourself to such a hideous fate as a Buddy-deprived life you MUST abide by the laws of Cnidaria.

Flow with their entropy and preserve their world, or you too will be forced to observe The Law of the No-Buddy!

Praise the Jellyfish, and damn the Mormons!

Operative J, The Blasted One

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