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St. Stadt on Primitive Disgraces
(or Fucking Breeding Spawn)

The human race is a disgrace. This world, populated by greedy, diabolical, poisoning man, is a shambles of impressionable teenagers looking toward the vague skies upon, wishing to emulate a deity they have given name and purpose to -- the deities of their own diffused and occluded brains, minds so far removed from the truth of The Jellyfish. Those who came from the nether, the nothingness, the stuff of Chaos and ether bliss, these eldest of beings, sentient and wise, so eternally wise, and so ever vast in size that man is but a parasite upon an insect's spine. I say to thee, listen and heed my creed. For the mortal that be called man is a disgrace, a diabolical imitator of all things seen. To imitate, then to dominate. As per example of this hideous plan etched within the shadowy minds of man: man (and woman, but to save space I shall use the homogenous man ) walks upon the streets they have made, once of primate, simian, stride but now so far removed from that animal inside. Yet they conquer all they meet, force challenges that defy their own gods. For they walked, then sought to swim; they swim as fish do (or sometimes dogs), and they procreate as all animals do, but they fuck like rabbits (and sometimes like dogs), and sometimes they even fuck sheep or cattle when tensions thwart their irrational minds' past redemptions. They seek to fly like the birds in the azure skies (and sometimes they fall to plummet like yelping dogs to their death!), and then they feast upon the lesser of their species; other man whom they hunt down like dogs in packs, no less, like feral dogs themselves! And they fuck, oh do they fuck breeding the spawns of their own inbreeding chattel!

But soon The Blessed Cnidaria shall return to reclaim this world they created out of nothingness, that forms their Web, and they are pissed at this despicable creature called man -- and so blind to thee, Cnidaria, the mother of us all. Only a few are chosen to see the wonder and glory of Her majesty! And through Her scribes and prophets, through The Blasted One herself! The chosen messiah to this new age of reason under the loving tentacles of Great Cnidaria! The Jellyfish will return, return to burn the dogs that are men upon this land of poisoned fields and toxic seas. The Fiery Rain shall commence, let the blind be warned! Let the curs of greed and ever- procreating man be warned of the glorifying return of the Ageless Ones, of The Eldest of the Gods to ever swim the darkest seas of blackest Space and Time. For the hottest juices of Her Most High shall melt and burn the toxic haze from the skies, melt the flesh of the scourge of man into so much slag as the cities burn within the entropik fire of purging Jellyfish.

Let it burn, let it burn, let it burn!

The Lost JS

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