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St. Stadt on Blindness
(or Descending Pain, Healing Visions)

Decaying toward a millennium's end, the entropik garden's gate lies farther away from my accursed sight. The sight given to me when I was blind. Yes. I was once a blind, ignorant, sheep of a human, the most primitive of primates (who else could destroy their own land, poison their own seas and their flesh with toxic waste that seeps into their children's cloned blood cells as technology overwhelms reason -- reason, the age of reason lost and left to ruins of dust clouds that did occlude my vision!), until that fateful day when my eyes were opened -- nay! My mind was opened by visions. Visions of the Fiery Rain of Cnidocytes, dreams of giant Jellyfish descending upon their earth with rainbow-colored tentacles hundreds of feet in length, as The Blasted One spoke of! This was a day like any other day, a life like any other life (a mirrored reflection of your own pitiful soul, so occluded to the divine by materialistic drives and power-hungry ambitions -- if only you'd see the light, that ethereal light of the beginning times -- of the fiery inferno of scorched earth and the soul of The Fiery Rain itself! If only....), a reality filled with obligations and duty to work, to money, to greed and things that looked pretty and smelled like roses by any other name. Oh, it was a sham; this life was a blasted losing game that held no substance. This existence that fueled me with empty calories, leaving me drained like a limp dick spent of its juices. This was not a life, this was merely a sheep grazing in a field of gluttonous catastrophe. But then it occurred. Yes, this tentacle did sweep through the field of my dreams... striking me like a radioactive canister in the skull, across the eyes -- eyes once blinded to not see the beauty of the Jellyfish. And then within the new vision, this dream within the dream I once called reality, I beheld her -- The Blasted One, the lady who swept toward me with words of truth and fiery passion -- a passion that could not be denied unto me!

And so I greeted this lady in the ethereal land of dreams -- this crimson skied world of electrifying wonder as my blue skin shimmered with lust, lust unto the world, unto the souls of the misbegotten lords of ages past, the gods given birth by man to seclude the truth: the Blasted Truth of Cnidaria! And tentacles did lash out at me, heat like molten metal stinging my naked cyan flesh and I did scream! Scream in mortal ecstasy as the blindness and lies were cauterized and singed from my brain, from the shadow of my soul that did speak lies. And so I listened to The Blasted Lady, a lilting melody that did burn new pathways through my brain, and the heated passion that did rend my sheepish, ignorant, blind soul unto ether -- casting my consciousness into the past -- the past of before man, before the blight of ignorant man when the Jellyfish reigned. And there I beheld the entropik garden, so beautiful and magical, so electrified and glowing with life unseen since this time before the slime emerged. And I walked through this garden of primordial wonder as the lady did sing her song unto my soul. The blistering pain of soul-searing wonder did equip my with new visions, visions of The Fiery Rain itself!

And I did awake, newly born, fresh as a babe within its mother's cradling tentacled arms. And I smiled, brimming with glee -- a joyous rebirth as I heard my own song sung unto me! I tell you, oh blind, ignorant, ones, this is a perfect sight, a perfect beautific sound, this song of Cnidaria that raises my heart to the heavens, linked to that entropikal garden that shall one day reemerge from the myths of the occluded past. It is coming, it is beautiful...

The key, the key is madness. Do not fight it, do not rebuke this gift that Cnidaria has blessed her children with! For we alone shall see the coming of The Fiery Rain, we alone are prepared to accept this decay within ourselves that brings us ever closer to the divine Jellyfish and the entropikal garden that is our destination. It is ours, for we are blessed by The Blasted One. No longer blind, no longer afraid. No longer a mewing sheep in the pastures of a false, degenerative, lord. Accept this entropik rain within our minds to better listen to our souls -- to the scream which must be heard. Only then will the pain descend into the soil of the misbegotten ones. Praise Cnidaria! Sing The Blasted Lady, sing the song of Entropy so that the Jellyfish might return. Sing! Sing the song of our souls best left unheard to those most blind.... Behold or beget but never forgot that it is coming, this Fiery Rain.

The Lost JS

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