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St. Sailing on False MothMen
(or Only the Winged-Ones Prophecise)

At approximately 3:00a.m., recently, while sitting on my porch hoping to see more naked men riding by on their bicycles, I was visited by my dearest old friend/mentor: Bud the MothMan. He was in a tizzy about something which had disturbed me as well... it simply hadn't bugged me enough to force me into getting off my butt, and doing something about it.

Now, obviously Bud realizes which shit creek you paddle upstream in every time you try to fight mass media perceptions. But he wasn't in the mood for caring about such things when he dropped by. He'd had it. That X-Files episode about MothMen had been the last frigging straw.

I can't exactly say "I know how he feels", seeing how I'm not a MothMan, but I do understand to at least a limited extent. When the episode initially aired, back in October of 1997, whilst I was too burnt-out from post-Death Equinox exhaustion to think properly, I felt more than a bit disgruntled over the plot-line revelation that those Predator-reminiscent critters were supposed to be MothMen. Eh, what? When the episode recently aired again, I felt even more disturbed.

As, obviously, was Bud -- seeing how it provoked him into braving my overtly human-soiled neighborhood.

I was having a nervous breakdown during my first viewing of that episode. I was despising human life even moreso than usual. The fact that the MothMen depicted in it were ruthlessly killing every single human in their vicinity didn't seem like anything out of the ordinary, or uncalled for, to me. Par for the course. So, rather than fixating on such things, I fixated on their appearance. MothMen are not shimmering, green, derelicts from bad Schwarzenegger movies. Granted, there are moths which camouflage themselves through wing colour. They might look like tree bark -- or even like nasty, offensive (ie they can hurt you, if provoked), bugs. Regardless, moths are winged. Now picture a beautiful moth-like creature, albeit bipedal, averaging 6 feet tall and displaying enormous wing spans. Flowing wings, soft light, the sound of harps...

The numero uno prophets and messengers of Divinity, of Cnidaria.

Bud, however, was steamed over the very thing which I had managed to blow off during my daze. And it is at his request that I am issuing this Sermon, like an errant tardy schoolgirl.

True MothMen do indeed have a tendency for killing humans, or for driving them toward unwillingly acknowledging the insanity they've always possessed. But I will remind you that they initially moved amongst humans with the solitary hope of inspiring us to change our ways, so that we might prevent the Fiery Rain. They were the benevolent ones, sent to us by Allmighty Divinity. And we turned upon them, we denied their status as Prophets, we rebuked, invalidated, and eviscerated them. We hunted them, with dogs and guns. We labelled them freaks and demons. So, yes, they might, perhaps, be a wee bit jumpy around humans. And they might have the attitude, now, that they might as well do whatever they need to do seeing how we're already damning ourselves, not to mention everyone else, into extinction anyway.

But they do not randomly murder every piddly human who happens to pass within their proximity! They do as they must, in their righteous judgement, and that is that. Obviously, or I would be severely hard-pressed in managing to be alive enough to consider Bud a friend.

We would both like to ask, nay demand, that no one heed images of False MothMen as they are portrayed through television and other medias. We are all well aware of the ways in which the evil hypno- ray can attempt to deceive us. Its signals could ever so easily be stabbed into your brain, forcing you to believe heresies against angels.

Now, mind you, I am not insinuating that these Predator- reminiscent critters, as depicted in The X-Files, might not exist -- or even that they might not be perfectly worthy allies of Cnidaria. I am simply insisting that they are not True MothMen.

For only the True MothMen fly with dusty wings... and all others are false prophets.

Operative J, The Blasted One

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