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St. Sailing on QUIET!!!!
(or DAMN The Noise and Ugliness)

As always I stood outside admiring my plants, despite their state of not-so-grand beingness in late January, and feeling the cool breeze upon me, and feeling the awe and grandeur of the natural forces around us...

And then, as always, I noticed the idiots in the parking lot at the auto parts store across the street, and the loud cars cruising down Colfax, and the confined space of my small yard that my plants must fit in. And I tried and tried, like a good little Cnidarian, to just blot it all THE HELL OUT. Sadly I kept feeling my focus slipping, and I had not the luxury at that exact moment to enhance my mind in ways that might help.

That always sucks, but what are we to do?

I thank the Jellyfish for the Botanic Gardens and parks, at least there is some small sanity and refuge in this city. But is it enough? NO! Obviously not! We need more, more peace, more pretty plants, more places to revere without EVERY flipping distraction devised by lowly humans wrecking EVERY moment of the mood.

East Colfax should be designed as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, except with accountability for the not so minor detail that we live on the steppes here. NOT just a dirty ugly street of concrete and an auto store and tire store and cash your paycheck store and cigarette store and cheap motel for quick rolls with prostitutes (store). Had we the Colfax Gardens perhaps we could stroll reveringly through them and have rolls with Buddy in them and not even NEED cheap motels.


But do idiots think of these things as they design cities? Of course not! I tell you, itís time to begin thinking of these things NOW! Even if it means bulldozing our ugly noisy buildings and starting over, we need to think of it NOW!


Operative J, clearly IRRITABLE... but realising sledgehammers are noisy.

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