Warning: Secret Code is Vicious & Naughty

The Secret Code of the Jellyfish Clan is a work of fiction by High-Radiate Initiate St. Michael Hemmingson (the Angel of Nod). It is one of the many stories and, more or less, the centerpiece for his second CPAOD collection Snuff Flique (a follow-up to Nice Little Stories Jam-Packed With Depraved Sex & Violence). There are several things to keep in mind while reading this story...

1. It is very definitely "For Mature Readers" so go back the way you came and don't read it if you don't qualify for that. Even your average Cnidarian Cyber-Psycho might have a tough time stomaching this one. Ok, even I got nauseated by portions of it. That's why I like it. ;)

2. Throughout history it has been traditional for people of any religion to decide it is time for a crusade. Often this doesn't reflect the mentality of every believer in the religion. I'm sure that many Christians would have been happier if they could have just peacefully loved God and done his bidding during the bloody crusades and torturous inquisitions. Some Romans likely didn't get a thrill out of feeding heathenous one-God Christians to the lions prior to that. And now not every Christian has the gumption of the Religious Right that anyone who doesn't follow the ways of Pat Robertson and Joseph Coors should be shot. People of any religion can remember peace and acceptance, just as people of any religion can lose their patience (or take a bad trip too literally in the ways of enlightenment). This is a story about the latter. Not only do the characters crusade, they turn against each other. Priest against priest, the failure and the blood shed. It's rather depressing that such things happen. Most Cnidarians would prefer to protect Cnidaria, gently urge people over to those ways, and, ever so importantly, try to stop the destruction of the Cnidarian preserve. May we hold together in the light of Cnidaria and avoid breaking under the pressures of society.

3. The Blasted One and Our Blasted Lady of the Jellyfish do not currently endorse violent crusades.

Kudos: Snuff Flique was the first "fiction" book dedicated to the unstoppable web of Cnidaria (hey, at least the crusaders got that part right) and would've been out a couple of years earlier if yer humble Blasted One wasn't so sluggish and broke in regards to publishing.

Behold the Blessed Cnidaria, or beget the Fiery Rain of Cnidocytes.

Now that you've had the warnings, you may proceed to read The Secret Code of the Jellyfish Clan

Or if you think you can't, or shouldn't, read this one, you can flee in terror back to the Cnidarian Stories index.