Cnidarians Against Drones: Photos & Video
Saturday, April 27th, Noon 'til whenever
West Side of the Capitol (Lincoln St.), Denver Colorado

Protest Index (Info, Event Report): Cnidarians Against Drones.

Imgur album by Jasmine Sailing/madamecp. 25 photos + commentary.

A tweet Storify, created on May 3. Includes photos.

Post-Protest Note: No clue what happened with the livestream. It was logged in, counting time, multiple people checked to make sure it was functioning. Online reports were that it said "Live". But there's only 27 garbled seconds of video that look like they're mostly from the preliminary set-up time period. Next time, 5 livestreams. One of them has to work... in theory...

Livestream 1: The very short clip of video.

Sun Phantom

Video streaming by Ustream

Probably not much new traffic on the Twitter topic at this point, but I'll keep it up here until there's nothing: