Cnidarians Against Drones:
Pre-Protest Info

Saturday, April 27th, Noon
West Side of the Capitol (Lincoln St.), Denver Colorado

Pre-event text:

April happens to be the month of action against drones. Info: No Drones Network

It also happened to be the month a hapless Cnidarian stumbled across this horrific news: Autonomous Robot Jellyfish.

Letís set it aside that itís difficult to avoid saying ďWhoah, thatís coolĒ when you look at it, and keep in mind that it is a drone Jellyfish being designed by the US Navy so they can join the drone war via the ocean. If that doesnít hit any sour chords with you... maybe you are a Matrix fan and only need a gentle reminder that autonomous robot Jellyfish are not the future you want in this reality as well.

Whether you are a Cnidarian Against Heretical Military Jellyfish Drones, a Matrix fan, or someone who just plain hates drones for privacy and/or for slaughter of children in Afghanistan & Pakistan sorts of reasons, join us on Saturday April 27th!

Simply protesting drones & drone warfare is fine and welcome.

However, keep in mind that being flashy lends to visibility! Bring signs, banners, flags, noise makers, and/or plush Jellyfish! Wear tassels, or Jellyfish costumes, or paint Jellyfish on your face! Or donít, itís up to you. If youíre wondering if you would be welcome wearing a Jellyfish hood and mask, the answer is yes. You could wear a black hoodie and Guy Fawkes mask for all we care, though we donít recall any drones or Jellyfish being involved in that story and black is a bit unflashy.

Cnidarians (by which I mean the people version) are traditionally entropic by nature. There is no set time for the end of the protest, but we will stay for at least 2 hours and let things go as they will. We can take a float march around the Capitol, if people feel up for it. Cnidarian-friendly livestreams will be active (see below). Speaking your minds about drones, drone wars, and Jellyfish drones to the main livestream (and whoever else can hear) will be welcome.

Environmentalists are also always welcome at Cnidarian events. Speeches about drone environmental impacts would be wonderful!

Another thing to consider bringing: sidewalk chalk! Spring is in the air, itís a great time to scrawl anti-drone messages, draw Jellyfish, or even to express your feelings about future possibilities of police Jellyfish drones hovering over your heads...

Directions: head for the shiny gold dome thatís under construction, at the base of Capitol Hill and just to the side of downtownís skyscrapers. We will be on Lincoln St. (the west side of the Capitol), between Colfax and 14th St. If there are multiple groups out front that day, it shouldnít be difficult to figure out which one we are. If there are too many multiple groups (or a particularly huge one) we could conceivably decide to move closer to Colfax or 14th.

Info Contact: email Jasmine Sailing or message @madamecp on Twitter.

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