Death-Equinox '98 Staff & Their Bios

Follow the links on the names to see bios, and industry involvements, for the staff members.

Chair Tyrant, Programming Director, Sub-Dept (fetish, video, etc) Supervisor, General Editor, Promotions: Jasmine Sailing
Ops, Typesetter: Bruce Young
Ops Droogies: Michael Hemmingson, Jeffrey A. Stadt, and Todd Oliver.
BMLOFH, Critters Overseer, Video Room Host, Visual Enhancement: Chris Yardley
Art Room Staff, Video Room Host, Visual Enhancement: Gordon Klock
Dealers' Room Supervisor: Cherie Sailing
Registration: Darlene Sexauer and Dave Sexauer.
Multi-Media CD-ROM: Ron Howerton
Internet Gurus: David Denney and Adrian Goins.
Legalese Adviser: Blake Thompson, esq.

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