DE Bios: Winona Righteous

Winona Righteous grew up in a rural community outside of the city of Gonzales, Louisiana, twenty minutes outside of Baton Rouge on the way to New Orleans. She has been a musician her entire life. Her mother Jeanene even taught piano lessons while Winona was in her womb. During her childhood, Winona's musical training ranged from singing in the choir, and singing solos at First Baptist Church of Gonzales, to years of piano and voice lessons from various teachers at church, high school, and college. Ms. Righteous has performed over sixty shows in the Denver/Boulder area as a performance artist, singer, songwriter, poet, and sometimes as a wistful dancer. She currently has three full length cassette releases available, and has also appeared on two local artist compilations.

Contact: Winona Righteous at 441 S. Logan #6. Denver, CO 80209.
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