DE GoH Bios: T. Motley

T. Motley has been cartooning around Denver for 17 years. He was a founder of the ACME and Squidworks comics workshops, and has been directing Hector (an avant-garde comic strip collective) for 9 years. Hector was the Ranchhands feature in Cyber-Psychos AOD #8, the same year T. became a Ranchhands GoH for Death Equinox.

His own comics and illustrations have appeared in Exquisite Corpse, The New Censorship, Graphic Story Monthly, American Book Review, and Review of Contemporary Fiction, amongst numerous other weekly papers, magazines, and newsletters (and even books -- counting his entry in A Good CuntBoy is Hard to Find by Jesse Helms-reviled author Doug Rice).

In April 1999 he debuted Hector's XXXistential XXXtravaganza at Doug Rice's Postmodern Piracy festival, with contributions from the Hector ensemble and numerous guests (including Doug himself). Look for tons of obscenities, bodies, sex, and limp dicks within it.

T. Motley is, as Rev. Ivan Stang declared him after DE '98, "a skilled sick motherfucker".

He also died once, a few years ago, and the tribute comic collection to his memory still exists. He seems to be doing ok, though, and creating many new comics, despite this slight crimp in his life.

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