DE Bios: Trey R. Barker

From jealous dead wives and bad lounge singers to a small, cultish, following in Dublin, Trey R. Barker's fiction has appeared in a variety of publications. His first published story, Down on the Farm, appeared in the October, 1994 issue of Ireland's Albedo One. He has since appeared or is scheduled to appear in: Whitley Streiber's Aliens (with Ed Bryant), Noirotica 3, Terminal Fright, Palace Corbie #7, Monsters From Memphis, 365 Scary Stories, Epitaph, Night Terrors, Talebones, Blood and Midnight, Eldritch Tales, Screem, Dead Lines (three issues), Albedo One (three issues), Cemetery Dance (interview of Dan Simmons), and has had an 'Honorable Mention' in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror. Barker's adaptation of Dickens' A Christmas Carol will premiere on the Denver stage in December, 1997, and he has adapted numerous authors' short stories into radioplays for presentation at conventions. Currently working on both novels and short stories, Barker is a member of the Central Colorado Writer's Workshop and HWA, and appeared as 'Perin,' one of the bad guys, in artist K. C. Lancaster's The Thief's Tale graphic comic published in Conjure magazine. Born in 1966 in west Texas, Barker is a musician with an affinity for African percussion and southern blues. His past jobs have included reporter, pizza cook, sandwich maker, phone solicitor, karaoke salesman, and doll assembler. He now lives in Colorado with his wife LuAnn -- a ceramicist -- and three Canine-Americans.

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