CPAOD Bios: Sue Storm

Sue Storm masquerades behind the persona of a mild-mannered teacher's wife who brings nice, red, casseroles to potlucks held in the Oregon town she currently calls home. However, in actuality, she belongs to a dreaded species of creature who seeks out the dark, wet, nipple of night and sucks it dry, using the unholy essence to nourish wild, twisted, stories and poems, some of which have been published in Air Fish, Space and Time, Heliocentric Net, Xizquil, Wicked Mystic, Gathering Darkness, SPWAO Showcase 8 1/2, Crossroads, and Aberations. Her first short story collection, Star Bones Weep the Blood of Angels, was published by CPAOD Books in 1995 and one of the included stories, Sorry Childs' Christmas, came in 2nd place for the number of nominations in the Bram Stoker preliminaries. She also has a chapbook entitled Under the Lizard Trees out from Pirate Writings Press.


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