DE Bios: Rob Hardin

Rob Hardin is a writer and studio musician who lives in a once-lethal sector of the Lower East Side. His first collection, Distorture, won the 1997 Firecracker Alternative Book Award for Best Fiction. His writing has been praised in Spin, Omni, New York Magazine, New York Press, the Village Voice, Darkecho, Downtown Magazine, Locus, and Poets & Writers; and quoted in Keyboard, Mondo 2000, and Terminal Velocity. As a keyboardist and vocalist, he has played with Nation of Abel, Saqquari Dogs, Pillbox, Pitch Black, PiL, 22 Brides, and members of the Psychedelic Furs. His recent album projects include Speedway, Truth, and Kelly Ward. Currently working on a second novel that he describes as Bellmer noir, he avows that art can, in the abstract, vindicate loved ones who were cheated out of life, and confesses that writing is his way of getting dissonant counterpoint -- the chamber music of nightmares and empty attics -- out of his system.

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