DE Bios: Nick Mamatas

Nick Mamatas is a Manhattanite currently exiled to Jersey City. His weekly political commentary column, The Ladder Trick, is available every week from The Greenwich Village Gazette ( and his monthly interviews with science fiction and horror luminaries and wannabes grace the electrons of Papyrus Science Fiction ( Dead trees cry for vengeance as well. His first book, Kwanju Diary, the first English edition of Jae Lee's first hand account of South Korea's 1980 military coup and the anarchic, democractic, rebellion that freed a city for a week, is out now from the UCLA Center For Pacific Rim Studies. His next book, A Brief History of Political Corruption In The United States, will be published by III Publishing in September 2000. Short works have also appeared in Art Papers, The Long Island Alternative, New Observations, and (French) Spectrum.

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