DE Bios: Mike Scott

Born in the USA of 50's vintage and having "survived" the 60's, Mike Scott got religion and left for Africa to educate the natives and to change the world. Ironically, he was the one who changed. After a full-blown midlife crisis, including yuppie flu, he did all of the typical things like quit his job at the university, left his wife, sold all of his earthly possesions, and wandered in the wilderness for several years. With the help of entheogen loving friends like Schwann-cyber-shaman, he got his life back on track and now lives on a farm outside Cape Town (South Africa) growing mushrooms (Oysters, Shitake, etc... all legal of course :) and other horticultural crops. Living in self-imposed exile at the tip of Africa has given him valuable perspective as to the consequences of the impending ecological disaster facing the world and a certain gratitude that he's been able to find a meaningful existence outside the madness of the US and the materialism and spiritual bankruptcy that it breeds. His mission now is to help himself and others prepare for the New Millennium through chemistry (entheogens)and the internet. The Cape Town Boyz are looking forward to sharing a bit of their African global webtrance with all of you at the Death Equinox. Amandla!

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