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Larry McCaffery's recent books are Some Other Frequency (Univ of Penn. Press), containing interviews by such writers as Kathy Acker, William Vollmann, Derek Pell, and Harold Jaffe; and Raymond Federman: From A to X-X-X-X (SDSU Press) a Recyclopedic Case Book he co-edited with Doug Rice and Thomas Hartyl. He also recently spent a semester guest teaching in Japan, and finalizing a book of his critifictional essays from Kondnasha International.

Known as the god-father of Avant-Pop, Larry has edited such books as Storming the Reality Studio, Avant-Pop: Fiction for a Daydream Nation, and After Yesterday's Crash: The Avant-Pop Anthology (which featured work by Bruce Sterling, William Gibson, Paul Auster, and Steve Katz). He is an editor of The American Book Review, Critique, and Black Ice Books; and advisory editor of Fiction International. He also edited a Younger Writers Issue of Review of Contemporary Fiction which focused on William T. Vollmann, Susan Daitch, and David Foster Wallace. He has written a killer preface (says the editor) to an anthology edited by Michael Hemmingson, Avant-Porn, forthcoming from Masquerade Books.

His 1st book, from the Univ. of Pennsylvania Press, was The Metafictional Muse: a study on Robert Coover, William Gass, and Donald Barthelme, which helped to promote the moniker "metafiction" to be used more and more during the mid to late 80s as postmodernism became fashionable in college classrooms. Larry also collaborated on award-winning essays with Takayuki Tatsumi in the pages of SF Eye, and has written numerous articles for more academic journals than you can shake a Cnidocyte at. His book of interviews with science-fiction writers, Across the Wounded Galaxies, is a classic -- used in numerous popular literature courses across the country.

Larry currently lives in Borrego Springs, California, ("the desert of the real") where he does a lot of hiking and relaxing in a jacuzzi at the Roadrunner Club -- playing host to many visiting authors in San Diego, not to mention playing friend and father-confessor to many writers living in or around San Diego. He has been known to spot Elvis in many places, especially while working on his mythical masterpiece: a critical study of the life, music, and impact of Bruce Springsteen.

There have been rumours that he is really just a TV weatherman in Denver named Larry Green, but these rumours remain thoroughly unproven.

Excerpt from the Larry McCaffery interview in Cyber-Psychos AOD #7:

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