DE GoH Bios: Lee Ballentine

Lee Ballentine's dark poems of science and surrealism have been published around the world and in his books of poems. A 1992 collection Dream Protocols, illustrated by Richard Kadrey, was a finalist for the Readercon Award and the Colorado Book Award, while his anthology POLY is an Anatomy of Wonder BEST BOOK that James Laughlin wrote was `pushing up the avenue of the new poetry.' He was also art editor of High Fantastic -- a finalist for the World Fantasy Award. To him, K.W. Jeter dedicated his re-animation novel In The Land of the Dead.

His nearly two decade old literary press Ocean View Books has published eloquent disorder by Bruce Boston, G. Sutton Breiding, Tom Disch, David Gascoyne, Rudy Rucker, Patti Smith, Yves Troendle, and many others. Something even possessed him to claim a collection of Our Humble Chair Tyrant's (ie my) sordid self-destructive fiction to publish shortly after Death Equinox '01. *shrug*

Over the same time span as he has slaved away in the publishing fields, he has also quietly produced, for other publishers, the seminal works of extreme science, from Semiophysics by Rene Thom to the Proceedings of the International Conferences on Machine Learning.

After 1970s stints as a singer of sacred music, punk disc jockey, and street dealer in rare books and LPs, he was for a time the only white salesman in an all-West-Indian real estate office in industrial San Francisco. Soon after, he played a minor role in the genesis of the small boxes of electronics that have changed almost everything. He's been active on the Internet since its inception. Performance is in his blood as much as selling is and he's long been involved in multi-media artistic presentations.

In 1997 he instinctively grabbed the gavel at the Death Equinox auction (after silently pulling it together by himself with merely a day's working time) and proved his roots in street dealing. Since then he's not only been an extremely valued guest, he's also been the type of barker that we could never imagine replacing.

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