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Born in Los Angeles, California, in 1950, K. W. Jeter holds a degree in sociology and a Master's degree from the writing program at San Francisco State University. In addition to his career as a novelist he has worked as a writing instructor and consultant, screenwriter, social researcher in the field of AIDS-related death and bereavement studies, probation officer and juvenile correction facility supervisor. After residences in England and Spain, he and his wife Geri currently make their home in Portland OR. He is at work on a major new science-fiction novel for Bantam Spectra in the US (to be released in September 1998), titled NOIR, which describes a near-future society where intellectual property is considered so valuable that copyright infringement is punished by death.

K. W. Jeter's most recently published books, Blade Runner 2: the Edge of Human and Blade Runner: Replicant Night, achieved international bestseller status. In England, the Manchester Evening News stated: "Jeter's action scenes are brilliant, but for Philip K. Dick fans, the big bonus is the near-perfect recreation of PKD's obsession with conspiracy, deception and the nature of reality." In the US, the science-fiction journal Locus reported: "Blade Runner: Replicant Night is very much Jeter's own construct... But the novel will hardly be a disappointment to devotees of the film."

K. W. Jeter's first novel, Dr. Adder, was described by Philip K. Dick as "a masterpiece... a truly wonderful novel that destroys once and for all your conception of the limitations of science fiction." Since then, K. W. Jeter's novels have garnered similar praise in both the science fiction and the suspense/thriller fields. Just a few of the novels were Farewell Horizontal, Death Arms, The Glass Hammer, In the Land of the Dead, Moorlock Night, Infernal Devices, Dark Seeker, Madlands, Soul Eater, and Wolf Flow.

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