DE Bios: Julia Solis

Julia Solis is currently working on a Murder Triptych with photographer Claudia Reinhardt, a new translation of stories by Hanns Heinz Ewers, and a fiction anthology on children's sexual fantasies. Her most recently published story is an excerpt from her novel-in-progress Mosaic Lands in the German magazine Neid, accompanied by squalid photos of the author as Corpse in Bathtub. She received UCLA's fiction award while studying philosophy there; shortly afterwards, she became the first to translate some of the more deteriorated letters by Friedrich Nietzsche into English (published by AMOK Press). Her own stories, as well as translations of stories by writers such as Unica Zurn and Oskar Kokoschka, have appeared in Germany and the U.S. She is also solely responsible for the fiction magazine The Spitting Image; featuring John Shirley and Rob Hardin, among many others.

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