DE Bios: John Shirley

John Shirley is the author of numerous novels (eg, Silicon Embrace, Wetbones, Eclipse, Eclipse Penumbra, Eclipse Corona, City Come A Walkin, In Darkness Waiting, The Brigade, Cellars, Dracula In Love, Transmaniacon, and others) and story collections (eg, The Exploded Heart, Heatseeker, and New Noir). His short stories have been found in such anthologies as Hot Blood, Shock Rock, Forbidden Acts, and Dark Love.

He is the lead singer of the Panther Moderns. He was lead singer of the classic west coast punk band SadoNation and of the New York punk-funk band Obsession.

John Shirley was also one of the two screenwriters for The Crow and has written adaptations of Robt Mccammon's Stinger and Robert Charles Wilson's Mysterium for the screen (both in preproduction) as well as writing for television, eg episodes of Poltergeist and Deep Space Nine and the movie for Showtime: Primal Scream.

Shirley's articles on metaphysical issues have appeared in Fringeware Review, Science Fiction Eye and Boing-Boing.

Shirley now lives in the bay area, California, with his wife Micky.

"John Shirley is an adventurer, returning from dark and troubled regions with visionary tales to tell. Wetbones is a wild and giddy ride, confronting the reader with marvels and horror in equal measure. I heartily recommend a journey with John Shirley at your side." -Clive Barker

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