DE Bios: Joel Haertling

Joel Haertling has self-produced 23 films in 8mm and 16mm over the past 11 years, alongside performing soundtracks for and/or acting in various Stan Brakhage films. Super 8mm films by Joel Haertling was released in Zurich in 1994, excerpts from his Boyd Rice Documentary were published by Mute Film (UK) in 1995, and others have been broadcast on cable in San Francisco, New York, Denver, Zurich (CH), and Boulder channels 8, 19, and 28. Joel began publishing the Zamizdat Trade Journal, a guide to self-published experimental music, in 1984 and continued with it for over a decade while writing for various other publications on the side. Equally long-running was his own experimental band: Architect's Office, whose first cassette release was available in 1983. Having long toured Europe and Asia with his films, Joel has also done showings at such venues as the Millennium in New York, and has upcoming dates at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and in Toronto Ontario Canada. Numerous asides to his repertoire have included producing experimental music compilations, assembling one for RRR (of Colorado bands), playing french horn in a philharmonic orchestra, being in a pit orchestra, creating visuals for raves and live shows, DJing at various clubs and bars, and authoring the World Wide Web site Charles A Haertling Architect A.I.A.. The latter is a dedication to his father, whose architectural designs he has also documented on film.

Charles A Haertling Architect

Architect's Office

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