DE GoH Bios: Rev. Ivan Stang

The Rev. Ivan Stang is most well known for heading off the Church of Subgenius, a deservedly feared "mind-control, for-profit, cult" which takes deliciously wonderful stabs at Scientology and other organized cults (such as Christianity). As the revered, and oft-murdered by devotees, and oft-impregnator of nearly extinct whales, Bob's sacred scribe Stang was responsible for 2 editions of the Book of Subgenius, a fiction anthology called Three-Fisted Tales of Bob (which included William S Burroughs, Robert Anton Wilson, John Shirley, etc), several issues of the Stark Fist of Removal magazine, 100s of radio programs (including the weekly Hour of Slack which aired on Dallas' KNON and various indie stations around the US), devivals in night clubs and camps, award-winning SubGenius video footage, endless lines of pamphlets, and all kinds of other fun things.

Stang is also a film-maker and animator. His credits have included Arise! (listed as one of the greatest underground videos of all time), The Wad and the Worm (which won many awards, including the Cannes Film Festival Silver Chalice), Reproduction Cycle and The World of the Future (both of which were banned from TV in several countries), music videos for Devo, the feature documentary China Run, countless commercials, and a series of PBS specials about Sioux art forms.

He continues to patiently survive the violence of Dallas, TX, where he co-exists with his family, continues to supervise the outdoors SubGenius devivals, pens articles for big entertainment magazines, and has even thrown together such books as High Weirdness By Mail: collections of addresses for nuts and oddballs and diverse religious churches around the country, which would willingly send out their information to the seekers of curiosities. Considering Death Equinox is happening after X-Day, we can assume that hostile religious influences will not be present as they will have been sucked bodily, and quite painfully, up through the atmosphere toward Heaven by then.

Rev. Ivan Stang also contributes to the official SubGenius web site which can be found at:

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