DE Bios: Chris Yardley

Chris Yardley (aka Chris whY) runs the video production companies The Bolus Project (also look for their particular brand of mind-warping at Burning Man '01) and Tantric Lobotomy Commission, which create visuals for raves, live shows, and video. He designs computer art, animation (lately he's been obsessing over 3-D), and general mania. As a musician he has played noise, a little rock 'n roll, and many other things. He is a bo-duke-engineering specialist, computer hardware technician, ham-radio operator, technical liason to the worm-people of snuertylougholum (pronounced snert-ee-loff-o-lum), and a BMLOFH (Bastard Mailing Operator From Hell) and moderator for the Cyber-Psycho subculture. You can also blame him for the creation of the deadly meta-alcoholic "Christ on a Crutch" beverage. Chris (aka x2 St. Yardley of Cnidaria) currently creatively abuses the mentally deficient from his den in Denver, Colorado.

url: The Bolus Project

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