DE Bios: Christopher Morris

Christopher Morris is the author of several short stories published in the horror/fantasy small press, and has a collection of moreso avant-pop weirdness scheduled to be released by Jasmine Sailing/Cyber-Psychos AOD in 1999. Under the pen name "Wile E. Cojones" he runs the midwestern record-review 'zine Orpheus Laughing, as columnist and editor-in-chief. Clueless, insignificant, people claim he lives in Indianapolis -- but the truth can now be told. Christopher Morris was really born and raised in Kulan Jila, Lebanon, where at the age of eight a shell-blast left him permanently deaf and disfigured. During the coma he was visited by the spectre of Abraham Lincoln, and given a secret new calling. Unfortunately even true callings must be supported, so he took on various occupations: a former back-up singer for David Bowie, Mr. Morris has also worked as a pentecostal minister, a prize fighter (sadly, lip-nibbling got him disqualified), and a quality inspector for Fruit of the Loom. His favorite films are Snow White, How to Marry a Millionaire, and a live autopsy he saw once on a cable-access channel. Married, with twelve children, he now lives in northern Costa Rica where he continues breeding a militia to realize Abe's cause.

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