DE Bios: Brian Thomas

Brian Thomas is a freelance writer, filmmaker, and, currently, a researcher for 20th Century Fox specializing in weaponry, arcana, death, and creative violence. He regularly contributes both his mind and experience to such shows as Millennium, and wastes them on The X-Files. Brian is also a contributing essayist to the Automatism Press publications Lend the Eye a Terrible Aspect, Death's Garden, and Morbid Curiosity. He is currently collaborating on a novel. His fascinations include what makes people cross the inner lines between greatness and madness. By that token, his personal quest has been a film about the events that transformed Vlad Dracula into Vlad Tepes. Brian has been hacking at the underbelly of Hollywood long enough to recognize that he has a problem, and hopes that is this is the first step toward getting treatment.

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