DE Bios: Bill Llewellin

Bill Llewellin has always been an inventor with a bent toward the mechanical. Beginning, he supposes, with the time he discovered he could get his fingers greasy by placing them on the whirling chain of his overturned tricycle (yes, it had a chain drive. It was a Peugeot!) which led to a demonstration by one of his playmates of what happened when you put your fingers on the bottom of the chain (in one side of the sprocket, out the other). Later he discovered that tying his pencil compass to a ruler made a dandy tomahawk. The 4th grade principal was impressed.

He built his first motorcycle in high school, and the rest of his life has been a string of motorcycles and hotrods, punctuated by beer, college, and needing to work for a living. As a result of this; Yes, he was a rocket scientist. Rocket engineer, actually.

Involvement in an attempt to set the land speed record for human-powered vehicles led Bill to build a string of recumbant bicycles, one of which he still rides. No, they didn't get the record.

He is a charter member of the Denver Mad Scientists Club, and wrote the original rules for the Critter Crunch.

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