DE GoH Bios: Andi Olsen

Andi Olsen: Mistress of the Miracles of Postmodern Aesthetickal Medickal Science.

Spawn of a mother she'd never know, Andi Olsen--nee Hirsch, nee Baby Girl McCord--was adopted and raised in the Bloodcurdling Polity of suburban Des Moines, Iowa, where she learned in an exceedingly up-close-and-personal way about the difference between Wally Cleaver and David Lynch.

Andi received her B.A. and M.A. in art history, and then spent eleven years as an Avant-Educkator at universities in Virginia, Kentucky and Idaho.

Since the mid-80s, her gruesome if hilarious-in-a-deeply-disturbed-way Assemblages have turned up in galleries around the country and abroad. Since the mid-90s, teratoid duo Olsen & Olsen have collaborated on Bizarre Computer-Generated Collage-Texts that have appeared in such zines and books as Fiction International, Dick for a Day, and Sewing Shut My Eyes.

Currently Andi is working on Freak Show, a nineteenth-century oddities-museum-style installation of assemblages, collage-texts, computer-manipulated video and Assorted, Curiosities. Why freaks? Andi quotes writer-friend Ed McClanahan: "Freaks are just like us, only more so."

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