Te wo Tsunaide '08

Thank You notes

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the tournament. I hope all of you had a great time! I especially want to thank those of you who keep on coming back year after year, and even more especially those of you who have participated all 4 years (Jessica and Katherine Lin, Yaphet and Aichan Tewahade, Amara Sailing, and Paul Barchilon... Stu and Dave have been with us every year, too, though they didn't get to play the first year. Thanks for that, too!).

Thanks to Bruce Young for directing this tournament for me. You did a fine job this year, everything seemed to go pretty smoothly! I always appreciate it that you help out and let me play. It takes a nice person to sit out working while everyone else has fun.

A big thanks again to Paul Barchilon for booking the tournament room, getting the money for the plaques, and for setting up the room and equipment. And on top of that... thanks for asking me to play with you, and being a great partner this year! I've long been concerned that it's a liability to play with the Organizer, but Paul said a lot of very nice things about playing with me and made me feel several times better.

A possibly odd-sounding thanks to Amara Sailing for always dressing up with me for these tournaments. Pair Go is more formal in Japan, and she puts some thought into her outfits every year to help aim for a slightly fancier look than is standard for Go tournaments here.

Thanks to Karen Jordan for sitting there with that tray of Brownies when I walked in and thought I was going to fall over before we could even take attendance. ;) Who knows what horrors might have befallen the tournament if that sugar pick-me-up hadn't easily been in my reach...

Thanks to Larry LeJeune for hanging out with us every single year, and for relieving me from photography duties partway through round 1. It was so nice to finally have a picture of my game that wasn't a 'missing me + 3 people wondering if I would sit back down'! ;)

Thanks to everyone! It's not easy finding a good number of Go pairs, and it's not easy to play Pair Go for that matter (it is a lot of fun, though!). I appreciate every one who joins in to all varying extents while we figure this tournament out and make it grow. We're definitely getting there. I feel like Te wo Tsunaide has settled in, and will only keep getting better with time.

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