Te wo Tsunaide '08

Photo Gallery

Pictures of everyone who played at the tournament will go up, mostly over the next week. If there is space in any of the comments fields on this page, people who were in (or who watched) the games are welcome to contribute their own thoughts.

Moment: Round 1
Players: Bob Meyer and Karen Jordan (left), Dave Weiss and Katherine Lin (right). Dave and Katherine won.
Pair Ratings: 4 kyu, 1 dan
Photo Credit: Larry LeJeune
Comments: Last year's #2 Pair (Karen and Bob) faces last year's #1 Pair (Katherine and Dave) in round 1. Dave and Katherine prevailed in this game, but fell to this year's #1 Pair in the 2nd round.
Moment: Round 1
Players: Meg Wanek and Forrest Soper (left) vs Jay Hoh and Tucker Bergin. Jay and Tucker won.
Pair Ratings: 28 kyu, 21 kyu
Photo Credit: Bruce Young
Comments: 2 of the new Pairs at the tournament this year. Meg and Forrest fought valiantly, and received a nice In-Sync vote from Jay for their efforts in this game. It was a tough first game, because Jay and Tucker went on to become the 2nd Place High Kyu Pair after only being defeated by the 1st Place Pair.
Moment: Round 1
Players: Rachel Daley and Ryan Bernstein (left) vs Amara Sailing and Gordon Klock (right). Rachel and Ryan won.
Pair Ratings: 15 kyu, 18 kyu
Photo Credit: Jasmine Sailing
Comments: It's early in the game, but it looks like it is already pretty fun. This was the first game in Rachel and Ryan's winning streak. After managing to win all 3 of their games, they became the 1st Place Pair High Kyu Pair. This early on, Amara and Gordon look like they are still holding up well.
Moment: Round 1
Players: Albert Hwang and Diana Yang (left) vs Jessica Lin and Yaphet Tewahade (right). Jessica and Yaphet won.
Pair Ratings: 7 kyu, 2 kyu
Photo Credit: Bruce Young
Comments: Last year's Most In-Sync Pair (Albert and Diana) vs this year's Most In-Sync Pair (Jessica and Yaphet). I'm not sure what else happened in this game, but I do know that Diana and Albert had the 2nd lowest (2nd best) losing score for this round. They won their next 2 games, becoming 3rd place in the tournament and the Out-Standing Youth Pair winners.
Moment: Round 2
Players: Katherine Lin and Dave Weiss (left) vs Laurie Linz and Stu Horowitz (right). Laurie and Stu won.
Pair Ratings: 1 dan, 2 kyu
Photo Credit: Bruce Young
Comments: Last year's #1 Pair (Katherine and Dave) vs this year's #1 Pair (Laurie and Stu). It looks like a tough game for black, but Laurie and Stu pulled it off in the end.
Moment: Round 2
Players: CJ and Aichan Tewahade (left) vs Thomas Creel and Jessie Ramos (right). Thomas and Jessie won.
Pair Ratings: 12 kyu, 14 kyu
Photo Credit: Bruce Young
Comments: Aichan and and CJ were an impromptu Pair, I don't believe they had met prior to the tournament. Aichan used to play with her brother Yaphet, but needed to take a test during round 1. Jessie and Thomas had the strange luck of playing CJ in 2 different Pairs, and prevailed in this game (it was a close one!).

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