Te wo Tsunaide '07

Thank You notes

The first crucial thanks goes to Paul Barchilon for arranging the tournament rooms, and the prize funding. He made my life almost a little too easy this year!

Many many thanks to Dave Weiss, as well, for scouring the clubs for Go Pairs and keeping me constantly up-to-date on who he found. Also for letting me run about 200,000,000 questions and concerns by him as usual!

Thanks to Paul, Dave, Larry LeJeune, and Mayeul d'Avezac (anyone I don't know about?) for setting up the tournament rooms. One of these years I won't be late for set-up. I guess I wasn't in '06.

Thanks to Bruce Young for attempting to be the Tournament Director. I'll be sure to get more help for you next year! We can blame some of the issues on me, I was pretty over-whelmed by life this year... and, of course, if I'm over-whelmed by life, Bruce needs to be over-whelmed right along with me. It was just one of those years.

Thanks to Karen Jordan for wrangling the Springs crowd, and for bringing brownies, AND for entertaining us with one of her amusing Go songs after the awards.

Thanks to Jessie Ramos for wrangling her high school Go club crowd, all of whom were new to the tournament this year!

Another huge amount of thanks goes to my Pair Go partner, Mayeul d'Avezac, who was insane enough to agree to play with me even though I told him I would be more focused on the tournament than on my own games... and that I wanted to lose because I needed a break from the embarrassment of presenting an award to myself! Those are some pretty dire guidelines to agree to, and I very much appreciate him sticking it out with me. Especially when he's so good at winning tournaments without me! Thanks for tolerating letting me break your winning streak. ;)

As always, I also owe a hefty dose of gratitude to everyone who participated in the tournament. It's actually growing, thanks to all of you! I think if we all keep at it, it will continue to become more fun and successful. Pair Go isn't easy to set up, but we seem to be doing a fine job of it!

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